Martin Maisner is a specialist in the field of information technology, cybersecurity, alternative dispute resolution, sports law and contract law.

Since 1990, he has been actively engaged in the law of information technology and participated in not only the formation of a number of componential legal theories, relating to specific areas of information technology law (outsourcing, comprehensive cybersecurity), but also in the creation of the legal environment and business practices in related industries both in the Czech Republic and internationally. He provides comprehensive legal advice to both suppliers of technology and customers, and also in some instances to candidates for public procurement regarding the preparation of their tenders.

Martin has in-depth experience with arbitration, both at the national and international level. He acts as an arbitrator in a number of the permanent arbitration courts in the Czech Republic as well as on the international scene. He has ruled as a sole arbitrator, arbitrator and Chairman of the arbitration board in almost 200 Disputes, many of which were particularly significant both in terms of the value of the subject of the dispute (10% of disputes over 100 million CZK, 5% of disputes over 1 billion), the participants or indeed the business context. In addition to the performance of duties as an arbitrator he also represents clients in arbitration proceedings, or participates in representations before arbitration tribunals held by Czech and international arbitration bodies.

Other areas of law, in which Martin is actively engaged, can include sports law and the law of obligations in general, including the theory of bargaining. In the context of sports law he is dedicated to resolving disputes primarily within sports federations, and to effective handling of disputes between sports clubs and their referees. In the international field, Martin mainly deals with the question of the enforceability and binding nature of the decisions of sports tribunals and international arbitration institutions. He is a member of the Legislative Council of the Czech Olympic Committee, the Arbitration Board of the Czech Football Association, and the National Court of Appeal of the Czech Automobile Club.

In the area of contract law and contracting, Martin is primarily dedicated to distance contracts, legal electronic conduct and business negotiation strategy in the novel 21st century environment regarding the conditions laid down by new legislation.

He is actively engaged in significant publishing activities in the field of IT law, as well as in the area of arbitration and does so in the form of legal monographs, commentaries on the law or professional articles in various specialized journals.

Martin is a sought after speaker at conferences and he makes use of his infuential and interesting talks in his teaching activities. He has done so for years at a number of colleges, where he primarily applies his practical view on  specific legal disciplines.